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Your 2020 strategy for a smarter office

Lack of privacy in the open office is costing your business big dollars. Conducted using sensor technology, this research explores the true costs of misused real estate and the impact of phone booths.

What's inside:

— Proven, cost-effective ways to reduce conference room congestion
— Smart space planning tactics and innovative open office solutions
— Tested strategies for creating a happier, more productive workplace

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The Quest for Quiet Drives Worker Behavior

Employees misuse conference rooms one third of the time. Despite higher demand for privacy at work, the amount of available space is shrinking, thanks to rising lease prices. As a result, individuals are taking up large meeting rooms in search of privacy, and wasted space is costing businesses millions of dollars per year.

Conducted in partnership with Compass and Density, this research explores the true costs of wasted real estate, employee use of meeting rooms, and whether phone booths change the way they use office space.

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